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The 7 Rules of Engagement and Wedding Rings Selection Engagement and wedding rings are symbols of the undying love that couples have for each other. Before you become enjoined in holy matrimony with the person you wish to spend the rest of your life with, here is a guide to help with the ring selection. The metal to pick for your wedding and engagement rings influences a lot of things. While diamond is the obvious and first choice that will come to mind, consider other new and exciting alternatives too. Platinum, for instance, is a durable material that is also hypoallergenic. The choice of gold is also desirable as the metal is available in colors such as rose, green, yellow, and white. The metals to give thought too are numerous; you just have to take your time when making a selection. Shopping for the engagement and wedding rings as a couple is ideal, especially if none of you likes surprises. As a result, making the right choices will be easy since there will be consensus before a purchase is made. The presence of each party during the purchase will make it easy to get rings of the correct sizes as each of you can try them out before buying.
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You will come across an endless selection of wedding and engagement rings shapes, meaning that you may spend more time than anticipated during the selection. The choices in the market currently are cushion, heart, emerald, oval, round, pear, and princess.
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Comfort should be your guide when evaluating the size of ring to pick. Future concerns about the enlarging or shrinking of your finger should not cause worry because ring resizing is possible at a later date when such changes take place. The engagement and wedding ring selection and purchase should be done at least 6 months before they are used. With such ample time, it will be easy to make changes to your decisions regarding numerous aspects. It is possible that you have the desire to customize one or several of the ring’s features. So, a period of several months is sufficient to give the artisan time to fulfill your desires. Wearing a wedding ring is something that’s supposed to be long-term and so should your style selection. Pick a style you will want to wear half a century down the line as you celebrate your 50th wedding anniversary. According to some people, your engagement should be worth twice your monthly income. Such an amount can buy a dream ring but also plunge you into serious debt. So, just get the best piece you can without plunging into major debt.